Beyond Ourselves & Studio-40

We are proud to be key partners of a charity called Beyond Ourselves. The charity is working together with three community schools in Zambia to help bring much needed education, nutrition and basic medical care to orphans and other vulnerable children in those communities.

We are doing our best to raise the profile of Beyond Ourselves through the website we’ve built and support, social media management and AdWords management. Thank you Google for approving the AdWords Grant, we are spending as much of it as we can!

Studio-40 also supports Beyond Ourselves through child sponsorship and we occasionally send someone from our team over to Zambia to help with school registrations. We love what they are doing and are committed to supporting them for the long term.


Making a difference

Beyond Ourselves began in 2009 after meeting several pastors in Zambia who were running free community schools out of their church buildings. Their first team was sent over to help build some much needed classrooms, and in 2010 the child sponsorship programme was started to help develop and support the schools and wider community.

Beyond Ourselves have an ethos of promoting self-sustainability amongst the communities with whom they partner with two main aims. Firstly they run a child sponsorship scheme which helps meet the immediate needs of Zambia’s vulnerable children providing education, nutrition and medical care. Secondly they work to support members of local community by creating jobs within the partner school communities and supporting local enterprise.

It’s amazing to see the transformation and progress of the partner schools, and most importantly seeing the lives of the people in the community changed for the better. Beyond Ourselves are diligent in ensuring every penny that is donated through the child sponsorship scheme goes straight into the schools and communities with whom they partner.

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Find out more

If you’d like to know more about Beyond Ourselves you can visit them at Learn more about Child Sponsorship, how your company can partner with them too, and discover a range of Alternative Gifts for those relatives that are hard to buy for!

Feel free to ask any of the Studio-40 team too – we’ll happily share our passion with you.

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