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I recently attended one of the Studio-40 Digital Academy sessions which gave a great insight into the latest SEO practice both on page and off. Very informative and useful practical guidance. I'd highly recommend.
Dr Peter Simmons.

Upcoming events

Wednesday 25th November 2015 | 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Level: Beginner

£195 +VAT

Introduction to Google Adwords

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to try AdWords for the first time and are in need of help with the initial learning curve.

Suitable for in-house marketers and business owners looking for business growth by leveraging the power of Google search.

Learn about campaign structure, geographic targeting, budgets, ad copy, conversions and of course how to build ROI. Our experts are on-hand to help you with your specific questions too.

Date TBC

Level: TBC


Event details to come soon

Details of this event are coming soon.

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