Remarketing. Your second chance to convert past visitors – because 96% won’t convert first time.

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool helping you reach back out to previous website visitors. Eventually they’ll succumb to your wares.

There are a number of platforms suited for this, the most popular being Google Adwords. Through the use of analytics and Adwords we will be able to follow people around the Internet with specially created banners and text ads encouraging people to revisit the site.

Ecommerce and other inventory driven website owners can also benefit from “Dynamic Remarketing”. This is a method of displaying image ads to previous visitors with the actual items they had viewed to tempt them back.

Common questions around Remarketing
Do Remarketing campaigns convert?

They do, but it's not always immediately obvious. If you measure remarketing campaigns by direct conversions alone the numbers may seem very low and quite unattractive. Once you factor in ``View Through Conversions`` you will see the more complete picture and just how important this method is in re-engaging for conversions.

Does it annoy customers?

It is possible to remarket people too much and turn them off from your advertising. We analyse the data to ensure that we only remarket to interested viewers and to stop advertising too frequently to those that aren't.

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More about Remarketing

Platforms available

We mostly use Adwords for these campaigns. One example of use is for targeting people who have bailed on checkout completion at the last moment (yes this is possible!) to get them back in your “funnel”. Other platforms include Criteo and AdRoll which mostly focus on product inventory’s and are ideal for ecommerce businesses only.

Remarketing for Display campaigns

This is the original and most commonly employed campaign type. This method shows image ads on third party websites to people in your remarketing list.

Remarkting lists for Search campaigns (RLSA)

This more recently launched campaign type allows you to show text ads in Google search results pages alongside the other traditional search campaign ads. Bing now offer RLSA too.

Dynamic Remarketing

These campaigns are rather like the Shopping campaigns described in the PPC page. These are image based product ads that appear on third party websites (any subscribed to the Google Display Network).

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We are regularly coached by Google Agency Development Managers and are at the forefront of new feature announcements and rollouts.

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We are also Bing Accredited Professionals, ensuring that whichever platform we promote your website on – you’re guaranteed our team are up to the job.

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