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With Studio-40 being based in Loughborough, we’re perfectly situated to provide any Derby-based business with SEO. The Loughborough train station is only a stone’s throw away from our company offices, meaning we’re just half an hour away from Derby by train.

Our roster of SEO clients already includes many Derby businesses and we’re interested to work with further clients from the wider Derbyshire area including; Ilkeston, Heanor, Eastwood, Alfreton, Swanwick Clay Cross, Ripley, Chesterfield, Duffield, Belper, Matlock, Buxton, Bakewell, Glossop, Ashbourne, Swadlincote, Castle Donington and Melbourne.

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Studio-40 is recognised as an official Google Partner for our experience in providing SEO Services that are highly effective for our clients. This means that Google sees our agency as providing a search engine marketing service that is dependable and trustworthy abiding by all of their best practices and guidelines.

What Is Involved In Our SEO Process?

When it comes to optimising a website for search engines, there are many different components that contribute to achieving the best position within results.

This short video explains the steps that our SEO experts here at Studio-40 will go through to achieve the best outcome for your Derbyshire website, watch it now:

Does My Website Need SEO?

Without a doubt – yes. For any website to appear in the top positions of search engine results it is essential that it is optimised. Therefore, you can rank well against your competitors and obtain a large number of ever-increasing visitors to your website. Especially with the constant changes to Google’s algorithm, it’s wise to work with someone who is able to protect your existing results performance and exploit the opportunity.

What We Get Asked About SEO…

Here’s a couple of questions we regularly get asked about our SEO services:

How Does The SEO Process Work?

SEO is process of making your website more search engine-friendly. Studio-40 are aware of hundreds of ranking signals search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo look out for, and we want to work with you to incorporate these into your site.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

We incorporate both quick win and longer terms strategies into our SEO methods. This approach ensures you have better visibility in search engine result pages for the off whilst allowing us time to create more higher impact content and promotion strategies.

If We Engage In SEO, Can We Expect An ROI?

You should expect a return on investment when outsourcing any digital marketing activity, and allowing Studio-40 to supply your SEO is no different. Via conference calls and monthly reporting, you’ll always be kept in the loop with how your account is developing. If you’re still unsure, enquire about our high retention rates – we have some clients who have stayed with us for 5+ years.

Insights from our experts

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SEO Derby – Further Information…

To improve your website’s search results performance, the following will be carried out by our SEO strategists:

1. Technical SEO Review

There are often technical improvements that can be made to your site that will benefit its visibility in search. Delivered as a prescription of issues to fix, we offer a Technical SEO Review right at the start of the process, ensuring your site is technically proficient from the get-go.

2. Backlink Analysis and Removal

Debris from old SEO practices and web spamming, your site may have poor quality links pointing to it without you even being aware of it. What’s worse is that this can now seriously affect your search rankings on Google. Studio-40 has a finely tuned process that communicates to Google that you do not want to be associated with any harmful links pointing to your site.

3. Keyword Research

It’s important for yourselves and Studio-40 to be aware of the commonly used search phrases in your industry. We therefore conduct extensive keyword research that forms the basis of any proceeding content briefs and strategy ideas. This ensures that your content is optimised for natural search.

4. Content Review

Once we have established the keyword research, we’ll cross-reference this with your current levels of on-site optimisation. Again, this will be served up as a prescription, outlining any improvements like new page creation or copy rewrites that could be made to better the site from an SEO perspective.

5. Content Creation

Once your site is optimised from a technical and content perspective, we can organise additional content to be created. This ensure the ensures your site is regularly being updated with fresh and engaging ideas.

6. Link Building & Social Media

The quality of your backlinks is still an important ranking factor. Google understands your link profile as who’s talking about you across the web; the better it is, the more credible you are. We can help you grow your backlink profile and high quality, naturally earned links. This is also where our SEO team can help improve your site’s presence on social media

7.Performance Reporting

Our monthly SEO reports allow you to have constant visibility of how your business is performing online. This is also an opportunity to see how our work is affecting your traffic, conversion rates and revenue.

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