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Nowadays your customers will be expecting to see you on social media, whether that be on many or just one platform. But do you have engaging content and great-looking profiles to be present on these?

It is essential that businesses get their social media strategy right. Even though the relationship between social media and sales is not direct, it does have a major effect on this. Therefore, it should never be something which is simply overlooked.  

Some companies don’t realise the many benefits that having a social media presence can bring for them. Not only can the brand awareness be managed, but a community of existing and potential customers can be created and interacted with. The reputation of your brand plays a huge part before customers make a purchase. That’s why we also measure success on what is achieved before this stage such as reach and engagement.

Here at Studio-40 we encourage our clients to promote their brand through their social media and express the company behind the product or service. This will appeal to existing customers as well as enticing new ones.

Our social media management service can support with all or some of the aspects. Whatever you feel suits you and your Derbyshire company best.

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Social Media Practices

Creating Profiles or Housekeeping

Before sharing any content we’ll ensure all of your social media profiles look the part. This includes making sure that branding is kept consistent throughout. This includes websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Users will then have a fantastic first impression of the company when discovering you.

Management of Reputation

Perhaps you are struggling with a large amount of negative comments and feedback on your social media profiles. If this is the case, don’t worry. We can step in and help by managing your reputation and monitoring your accounts 24/7 for you.

Running Campaigns

Our experts in skilled in creating winning campaigns to get users talking and stir up engagement. This could be in the form of a competition, giveaway or a brand campaign featuring a string of posts. Or perhaps you have something else in mind? We can support you with this too.

Sharing Already-Created Content

Content on your website, blog or other areas needs to be broadcast in a way and at a frequency that reaches your audience. Our team will put a process in place to ensure it gains the most engagement it can. Need content to start? We can support with this too.

Finding Engagement Opportunities

People are searching for your product or service and are using social media to do. It is our job to help you find these potential customers and take advantage of opportunities where engagement can be created. We’ll then present these opportunities for either ourselves or your own team to pursue.

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