How important is new content to your website?

While the look, feel and navigation of a website is undoubtedly important, when it comes to websites – content is everything. Content is the lifeblood of every site, and current, relevant and original content is something search engines rank highly.

Think about it, the job of the search engine is to direct searchers to the site that is most likely to be relevant to their search, with so many websites out there it has to start to prioritise some pages over others, one way is to find the sites that offer the most up-to-date and appropriate content.

So, how can you keep your website updated with original and interesting content, especially if your business offers a product or service that is static? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can keep your site updated, check out some of our ideas…



  • Post regular blogs, try to make them relevant to your audience but not overly sales or product-led. Ideally, the content of your blogs and their relevancy would make your site a destination for people looking for news and updates around specific topics. If stuck for ideas, think seasonally – can you relate upcoming seasonal events to your business? Think industry-wide; what is new within your industry? Can you process big news stories from the perspective of your business?
  • Produce white papers on industry topics, while these can be time-consuming to produce, get them right and your site could become the go-to place for in-depth news and information.
  • Add infographics to your site, they are a useful way to condense lots of information and can add a new dimension to the way your site presents facts and figures.
  • Include case studies, not only are case studies a great way to let potential customers know more about how you work, they are an easy way to create a new landing page on your site.
  • Add short videos, but be careful, you do not want to slow your site down as users will become frustrated, however a well-put together ‘how to’ film could be beneficial.
  • Include guides and product specifications, guides on how to use your products are useful, particularly for current customers and something that visitors to your site will appreciate.
  • Add a news section and include a weekly/ monthly round-up of the news affecting your industry.
  • A key element to the content listed above is that it is social media friendly – easy to post and shareable, something well worth considering when generating new content. Social media is an important aspect of SEO as it can help to build new links to your site.

Of course, the content you put on your site must be of a high standard and original, so copying and pasting sections from other sources simply will not do!

Great content is the starting point, but getting that first page Google result requires more than a fabulously written news article. As part of our SEO offering, here at Studio-40 we can help support your SEO ambitions. Our team of SEO experts can undertake an SEO audit of your site, evaluate the off-page activity, and then devise a strategy to help improve your current result.


We are also able to deliver targeted and meaningful content, written specifically for your business to ensure your site is regularly updated with news items – taking the pressure off your in-house team. A content strategy can also be developed to ensure seasonal events and industry or business news is captured. To find out more about our SEO services, call the team on 01509 631 136.

This post was written by Kellie Tillyer

This post was written by Kellie Tillyer

Content Manager

Highly experienced content writer and manages the output of all written creative by the team.

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