Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Ads

A staggering 53% of the world’s internet users login to Facebook on a monthly basis. So with potential customers on this platform, advertising on here is a no brainer..right? After seeing an increased interest in promoting on Facebook ourselves, we look into why more and more businesses are choosing to do so and why we would recommend this to clients.

Targeting Options

Possibly the biggest reason that we may recommend a client to put some of their budget into Facebook advertising is the vast array of targeting options that can be used. Based on the information that users have added to their profile or their interests that are assumed by what they may have ‘liked’ or talked about on Facebook. That way we can really be specific with potential customers that we want to advertise to.

Facebook Targeting

But can’t you define your audience like this on Google AdWords? As well as targeting by keywords, AdWords does now allow for in-market audience targeting for Search campaigns as well as Display and YouTube campaigns. This enables the advertiser to reach customers who are getting ready to make a specific purchase based on their interests. But Facebook really does come out on top for being able to go more specific than just a category. For example, you can target a user who has a birthday in the next month on Facebook (based on the personal details they have provided), however this is information you would not be able to get simply by looking at a person’s search history.

Potential Cost Per Click

The average cost-per-click on AdWords is anywhere between around £0.70-£2. Whereas the average we tend to see when advertising on Facebook is much lower at a cost of just £0.20 a click. This can however depend on a number of things including:

  • Your Bid – Facebook looks at how much your are willing to pay for your ad to show. However, when you bid high, Facebook will still take the lowest amount possible for that auction, relative to the next highest bid (similar to Google AdWords).
  • Ad Relevance Score – How relevant your ad is to your audience, based on the interactions it receives such as clicks, likes and comments.
  • Who You’re Targeting – Some audiences come with a higher price tag than others. Targeting the US for example tends to have a higher CPC.

Facebook & Instagram Integration

Facebook now has over over 6 million active advertisers, and Instagram has over 2 million advertisers. With the integration of Instagram campaigns on the Facebook advertising platform, it is now easier than ever to show your content on both platforms. Instagram’s most recent update on their users shows that the number of advertisers has quadrupled its count from a year ago.

So why choose to show your ads on Instagram as well as the Facebook feed? Well you can show big, beautiful images that really capture a user’s attention with almost their whole screen on mobile taken up by your ad. It is also easier to capture the younger, more influential audience.

Instagram Adverts

Do note though that the average CPC can potentially be a lot higher on Instagram than you’ll see for your Facebook ads.

The Creative

Unlike the Search ads on Google AdWords, Facebook allows the advertiser to be creative with ads using images or videos. Facebook allows you to create a number of ad styles: single image, carousel, video, slideshow, immersive canvas ads and more. Facebook ads also enable you to add a Call-To-Action as a button on the ad.

Be warned though! Although Facebook has recently removed the 20% text on image limit (ads will continue to run), including over this will still hinder the ad’s performance and the amount of people Facebook will allow it to reach.

So, Should Your Business Be Advertising On Facebook?

Both Google AdWords and Facebook ads can be a fantastic way of promoting your product or service to your potential customers. So, rather than pitting these two platforms against each other, for a lot of clients, we suggest it is beneficial to advertise on both.

So after listing just some of the benefits of putting more of your marketing budget into Facebook advertising, will you be using this platform to get in front of potential customers? If you would like to know more or want to get started with Social Media Advertising, get in touch with the team here at Studio-40.

This post was written by Alice Bucknall

This post was written by Alice Bucknall

Off-Page / Content Team

Part of our busy content marketing and creative team. Alice brings a keen understanding and passion for social media and off-page activity.

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